Taking stock

I’m doing a lot of end-of-the-year assessment thinking. Current list of ongoing things looping through my head:

  • Getting what I want and need from my relationships
  • Giving back and giving thanks
  • Communication styles
  • Socio-economic and racial issues
  • Political debates
  • What family and friendship means
  • Financial consideration
  • Goals for next year
  • Health concerns
  • How kink fits into my life
  • Progress I’ve made from past years
  • Writing
  • Cleaning
  • Performing
  • Sex and sexuality
  • The Holidays

So, y’know. Nothing major.

I need some organization to it, because otherwise, it just keeps swirling and I wind up exhausted and anxious and not getting anywhere.

And right now, I’m fighting back All The Things. And winding up not wanting to do Any Of The Things. I have to remind myself that things don’t have to be perfect for there to be progress.


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