Fuck the non believers!

A friend recently said this to me:

We’re part of the same tribe. You’re beautiful and strong. Warrior moon goddess siren mermaid. Fuck the non believers!


That’s probably one of the best confidence boosters I’ve ever had. 🙂

Then there was horoscope from Rob Brezny:

On a clear day, if you stand at the summit of Costa Rica’s Mount IrazĂş, you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It’s not hard to get there. You can hop a tourist bus in the nearby city of San JosĂ©, and be 11,200 feet high two hours later. This is a good model for your next assignment: Head off on a stress-free jaunt to a place that affords you a vast vista. If you can’t literally do that, at least slip away to a fun sanctuary where you’ll be inspired to think big thoughts about your long-range prospects. You need a break from everything that shrinks or numbs you.

The emphasis is mine, because I need to remember and reinforce that. Taking a break. Waking my soul and passions back up. I already feel the life coming back into the dusty parts of my soul. The parts that craved creativity. The nooks and crannies of my bones that need dance and music and confidence to move correctly. To breathe.

I had forgotten. How had I forgotten? Being overwhelmed by life didn’t help. Massive relationship changes and heartbreak. Someone disregarding my ability to be sexy and me listening for a little while. Feeling intimidated. Sitting too much. Taking on too much stress and not relaxing.

Working for goals in the new year are underway:

I’ve been playing my uke. Not everyday, but 4 times more than last year. Dancing, moving, and/or stretching every day. Pushing my students and myself more in class. Slowly starting to eat better. Getting back on stage in February! Read my first book of the year and this is my third post of the month and I’m almost back on that once-a-week schedule of blogging I’m aiming for. I also made strides in asking for what I want from my husband in bed, so that’s good. But clearly, that last section from this post needs way more love.

These are good things. I am grateful for them. My plan is to keep making more of them happen.


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