PAC-MAN: a happy poly moment

Yesterday was an emotionally exhausting, thoroughly challenging day rife with a few long, important conversations, work challenges, and an overall massive push towards growth, even when it’s not easy.

But there are moments of bright love and happiness and hope that shine through and I sometimes feel like my heart is going to burst.

For instance, while having a three hour chat with a potential awesome metamour who is newish to poly, my husband had a skype date that turned into a skype sex date with his girlfriend. I compersioned all over the place, but the best part was when he called me into the bedroom after the skype session was over and showed me a wet spot on the his comforter. It had a very distinctive shape.

“Look, PAC-MAN!” was all he said, with a big grin on his face and holding the blanket up slightly for me.

I stood, momentarily stunned because I wasn’t expecting to be summoned into the bedroom to view a cum stain in the shape of a video game character. Nor did I know how he had gotten it so perfectly proportioned. I mean, it could’ve turned into more of a fortune cookie. But no. The likeness was totally there.

My husband, however, mistook my silence for doubt.

“She thought it looked like it, too!” he said in an adorably defensive tone, still grinning and looking down.

Yes, my husband, the one with whom I have had a fairly rough start to our relationship and poly in general, the one who has grown in ways I couldn’t even have dreamed about two years ago was now happily showing me a cum stain from his skype date that happened while I was talking to a potential metamour and all I could do was laugh. And tell make sure he knew he totally made the blog for that.

He said he knew.

I walked out, shaking my head and giggling. Part of me wanted to share in the absurd humor of it all, so I texted his girlfriend a little while later. The conversation proves that we have the best people in our lives and I am so fucking lucky and grateful:

Me: Pacman *shakes my head*

GF: Hahahaha!!!! Yep

Me: He’s such a dork. 🙂

GF: 🙂 but I could see it!

Me: Me, too. 🙂 He called me in after you were done. *giggle* All he could do was say, “look, Pacman!”

GF: LOL at least he wasn’t seeing jesus or the Virgin Mary!

Me: Why not? Sell that shit on ebay! LOL

GF: OMG, right? That would be a great statement “Cum to Jesus”


Seriously, y’all. This is just magical to me and makes me bust all the poly happy feels. ❤


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