“We have no idea what other lands lie beyond the great waters. We must take our chances on the waves and scatter like seeds before the wind. We will take the memory of the good times…and for those darkest of times, we will take what we can of the light.”

-From “Sing” the movie musical, 1989

Sometimes, I need help remembering balance. So I tell myself:

When you’re lost, linger in the shining moments of careening down a 10 story spiral slide.

When you’re numb, savor the gift of bruises that kept on giving.

When you’re thirsty, drink in the sweet sensation of sharp items piercing your skin.

When you’re overwhelmed in bad ways, call up the precise moments of being overwhelmed in delicious ways.

When you’re cold, wrap the memory of fire around you.

When you’re lonely, remember how compersion, touch, desire felt.

When you’re sad, think about the endless laughter of a new connection.

When you’re jealous, know that you are now in places and with people you only wished for days/months/years ago. There’s more to come and you’ll find your own levels. Let others seek their own. Respect autonomy, your own and theirs.

When goodbyes get to be too hard, embrace the grief with a graceful head up and heart open and know that there are also hellos happening, too.

When you’re daunted by change, remind yourself of all the positive things and people and opportunities that change has brought into your life in the past few years and that those things didn’t always come via the easy path.

When things start looking bleak and full of boxes, bathe in the brilliant spray of rose petals.

Remember that it all can and has worked. There have been so many bright spots over the past few weeks, so many new experiences, so much good. Hold onto that until more goodness comes around.

And find joy where ever you can. It’s there. It’s just hiding a little right now. Coax out the everyday joy from its hiding places. Let yourself sift through the past while staying grounded in the present. It’s okay to be lost, numb, thirsty, overwhelmed, cold, lonely, sad, jealous, daunted, and bleak…sometimes.

Change can be difficult. But it brings new growth. New opportunities.


And love. And live.

There’s more happy, more experiences, more connection to be had.



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