Kink Bucket List for 2017: Now w/ More Sex!

So last month, I wrote a Kink Bucket List for 2017. However, it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that I really should’ve written a Kink & Sex Bucket List for 2017. Normally, the two are fairly separate for me, and rarely does kink mix with sex. Well. That is, not until the past year or two. I’m currently finding more experiences and people where the line is blurring in interesting ways and I want to explore that.

So! Here’s the updated list:

Scene: First flight* (So. MUCH. EXCITE.)

Get D/s notebook and start writing in it (already started doing that!)

Scene: Being hit with a belt* (So. Much. Fear.)

Read at least 4 5 books on kink sex this year. Current reading list goal:

  • Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas (already started. Fantastically inclusive book)
  • Radical Sex by Pat Califia
  • Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski (I will finish it this time!)
  • Sex From Scratch by Sarah Mirk
  • Ecstasy is Necessary by Barbara Carrellas

Scene: Artistic edgeplay

Learn/look into fire rose flogging

Make out more. Because I have discovered I really, really like making out.

Dear god, moar rope pls

Explore Tantric sex – already started reading Urban Tantra, and talking more about it with a few people.

Radical personal body acceptance including:

  • more photo shoots
  • more acceptance of the three parts of my body I have the most trouble loving
  • actively hone body self confidence and increase time spent with people who bolster that in me and themselves and others

Discover something new I want to try that’s not on my radar yet

Work on asking for what I want and am interested in sexually

Try out new dynamics that I’ve been curious about

Continue to adventure through anarchical poly

Explore dance kink

Scene: Interrogation

Scene: Whip play


If you have an interest in trying any of these things with me, private message me and let’s talk!

Points of note, though:

1. Anything with an asterisk (*) is already ear-marked for specific people, so please don’t message about that. Let me get past the first time first and see how that goes.

2. Although I no longer identify as a demisexual, I still take a while to explore sexual connections.

3. Also, I want to seek out more opportunities to play with skills I already have. So if you’re interested in rose flogging, edge play, and sensation play, message me and let’s talk!