[New Year, New You] Week 13: Sacrifice

Last post before I get to the last page of prompts on Deb’s blog! (I am silly excited about this. Measurable progress is awesome!)

This one is all about sacrifice. Which should be easy, right? For someone who likes helping other people, sometimes to the detriment of zirself, I should be able to breeze through this one, right?

And it’s not like there isn’t a whole mess of sacrifice going on in my life now. I can’t really talk about much of it, but there’s also the impulse to downsize, so I’m getting rid of stuff. And also I’m working on writing a post about getting rid of things I have outgrown, such as a movies and tv shows that I used to love but realize I can no longer stomach watching anymore.

Deb talks about blood sacrifice. One day I might do that, when I have a clearer idea of exactly what and to whom…but for right now, when I just have a general idea of the direction I’m moving in, I’m going to go with something that I’ve been getting a lot of messages to give up for a while now.

The latest message came two days ago in my weekly horoscope from Rob Brezsny:

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Promise me that you won’t disrespect,
demean, or neglect your precious body in the coming weeks. Promise me
that you will treat it with tender compassion and thoughtful nurturing.
Give it deep breaths, pure water, healthy and delicious food, sweet sleep,
enjoyable exercise, and reverential sex. Such veneration is always
recommended, of course — but it’s especially crucial for you to attend to
this noble work during the next four weeks. It’s time to renew and
revitalize your commitment to your soft warm animal self.

So, in that note, to work towards treating my body with tender compassion and thoughtful nurturing, I’m giving up sugar. It’s been a three decade long love affair and it’s time to draw it to a close. It no longer is serving me, or helping me…not that it ever really did.

Ironically, it will affect my blood, and my hormones, and my health. I’m scared, honestly, to give it up because it’s usually my go-to to deal with anxiety. But I will find other (hopefully healthy) ways to cope. And I want to show the Universe that I want to keep moving in this direction.

So! Specifics:

I am giving up processed and artificial sugar, starting today, June 7th, 2018. I will not have processed or artificial sugar knowingly until July 16th, 2018 when I will re-evaluate.

This does NOT include naturally occurring sugar, such as is found in fruit, wine, and honey.

I do this to dedicate to moving forward in my spiritual quest. I want to live cleaner, more authentically, more creatively, and more lovingly. And I need to extend that love to myself first for once and renew and revitalize my commitment to my soft animal self. I vow to sacrifice sugar under these parameters for the next 40 days.

So mote it be.



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