[New Year, New You] Week 17 – A Big Ritual

So…it’s been a minute since I’ve written here. On the plus side, much of it was due to the fact that August was full of activity. On the minus side, I was planning to write about two weeks ago, but then was rear-ended on the way home from the last camp of the season. August was surprisingly good. The last two weeks? Not so much.

But. I was able to do a “big” (for me) ritual as per week 17 on Deb’s New Year, New You challenge (which is taking me a year in an of itself, but whatever. My bff keeps telling me to do things in my own time and it looks like that’s what’s happening.)

I was a little trepidatious when I first read this writing prompt challenge. I don’t tend to do “big” rituals, unless it’s for a major holiday AND it’s with a circle of people. In my own solo practice, I keep it fairly simple. I look to music, the earth, the seasons, the moon, the sea, the weather, interactions with people for ways to do rituals. The biggest I get is with full moon rituals, usually, and even those are fairly quiet affairs with me, my portable altar and one or two ritual-specific extra items.

However, as Deb said in this post, “magic is about intent.” Add to that the fact that I was still recovering and healing from injuries and doing prep for a big ritual was not really possible on many levels. So I decided to take it a few steps beyond “spit, an herb, and a candle” and do a small, yet formalized ritual for the full moon that is the equivalent of a “big” ritual for me.

I was able to track down a ritual for the Aries full moon at Forever Conscious which seemed pretty perfect for everything I was dealing with. It was relatively simple, it was soothing, which I needed at that time, and was “going to help us get into a state where we can hear the softer voice of our heart and tune into our passions so we can make the changes we desire,” which I definitely need help with.

It took me a few days after the actual full moon to feel strong enough to even do a ritual, however simple it was, but I finally felt well enough right on the cusp of when the post said would be effective. I gathered my portable altar, the cucumber slices, a chalice of water, and did the ritual. The cucumber slices were remarkably soothing and overall, I felt a sense of calm and peace which I was profoundly grateful for, since I haven’t felt that way since the accident.

Doing this ritual hasn’t made my anxiety go away, but it has helped me accept that I need time to heal, on multiple levels, but especially from the accident. It reminded me that there is relief, there is support, and there is magic afoot. I greatly needed that reminder so I’m incredibly thankful that I’m on this journey of a new me this year. It’s funny how so many of the writing prompts are lining up with my life. That seems to me to be a very good clear indication that I’m on the right path, I hope.


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