Polypesque is written by someone who is many things. A panromantic relationship anarchist, singer, writer, pagan, nonbinary gray ace, burlesque dancer, actress, activist, switchtastic switch.

Ze is the former Artistic/Programming Director for JME and as Femme Fae la Butche, ze co-founded the White Elephant Burlesque Society in 2006 with Viktor Devonne and co-directed it with him for six years.

As zirself, ze directed the premiere of the play “Seeds” (written by Jeff Mach) in 2011, and has taught classes and been on panels for things such as rose flogging, R.A.C.K., polyamory, burlesque, body positivity / movement / and seduction for all body types, and water fitness over the past five years. 

Zir YA short stories have been commissioned and published in an online magazine, and zir first published erotica short story (“Hunting the Quean”) can be found in the first annual Geeky Kink Anthology by Riverdale Ave Books.

Aside from writing, ze has an abiding affection for learning, love, laughter, leather, tea, reading, snow, driving, fountain pens, energy, cuddling, chocolate, musicals, making out, hiking, Harry Potter, knives, sex, kayaking, candles, and long, intimate, meandering conversations about sex, poly / RA, paganism / spirituality, kink, creativity, music, and gender – inclusive and exclusive of each other.


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